On Being a Woman in ________


Let me tell you a story about being a woman who likes metal. Or technology. It’s pretty much the same story. (No, this is not an “I’m leaving the tech industry” post.)

You’ll start off by finding something you’re curious about. This quickly turns into something you love. Maybe that something is building computers, maybe it’s a particular metal band. You’ll start out joyful, overcome by the excitement of finding something that speaks to you this way.

If you start down this path when you’re younger, you might notice that at first you have guys telling you how “cool” this interest is, how “awesome” it is that you “aren’t like other girls”. At first, you’ll think this is a compliment. You’ll try and laugh along with their sexist jokes to prove how “cool” you really are, but every fake laugh hurts.

You’ll run into guys who are full of…

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