The Legend of El Lobo

Aztec Warrior!

The Legend of El Lobo! The Creators:

Richard and Bruce!

Hi. This is Bruce Logan, Award-winning Director, and Cinematographer who’s work includes 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Tron, and Richard Soto, Actor/Teacher/Storyteller, who inspires kids through Arts and Education. We are the creators of The Legend of El Lobo!


The Legend of El Lobo! The Story:

Drawing El Lobo!

A young Latino comic book artist draws a ferocious shape-shifting Aztec“superhero” for the kids of the barrio.  The superhero metes out bloody justice on the neighborhood street gangs. The young artist is shocked to discover that his superhero has become a reality, and that the comic book mirrors events in the real world.  He finally realizes that, when called upon by the collective emotions of the barrio, he “becomes” the mythic beast he has created. Although his motive to save the barrio kids from becoming gang members is good, he is horrified by the violence he is capable of.  He realizes that the savage nature of the beast is a manifestation of the rage in his own heart. Can he control his rage, defeat the gangs, and save the kids of the barrio?

The Legend of El Lobo! The Comic Book:

Teaser Cover!


We are publishing a comic book about our Aztec hero…  And we need your help.

We want to raise $9000 for the artwork and publishing. For your help we are offering, the comic book, signed artwork, posters T-shirts, even three comic book cameos. Your contribution will help us pay our artist, Albert Morales, and cover printing costs and further, it will help us build the fan base for our upcoming feature film!

Thank you and “Viva El Lobo!”



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